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Split Layer Cake Quilt

Split Layer Cake Quilt
Quilt Size  60" x 70"
Level-- Easy Piecing

Materials Required
One Layer Cake or 21-10" squares cotton fabric
1 1/3 yd. coordinating fabric
3 3/4  yds backing fabric
66" x 76" batting
Thread to match

     1.   Cut 21-10" squares into 10" x 5" rectangles
     2.  Cut 21-3" strips the width of coordinating fabric
     3.  Subcut 3" strips into 42-3" x 10" rectangles
     4.  Cut 7-2 1/2" strips the width of coordinating fabric for binding.

     1.  Sew a 3" x 1-" rectangle to both sides of all the 42 10" x 5" rectangles.
     2.  Press seams toward the 3" strip.
     3.  Square up each block to 10" x 10".
     4.  Arrange blocks in seven rows of six blocks with the 3" strips going in opposite directions.  Don't drive
         yourself crazy trying to get it perfect. 
     5.  Sew seven rows of six blocks.
     6.  Sew the seven rows together to finish quilt top.
     7.  Cut backing fabric into two 1 7/8 yd  lengths.
     8.  With right sides together, sew 1/2" seam down long side.
     9.  Trim backing to 66" x 76" with horizontal seam in the center.
    10.  Sandwich  quilt top, batting and quilt back.
    11.  Prepare a label and attach to back of quilt before or after quilting.
    12.  Quilt as desired.
    13.  Bind with 2 1/2" strips of coordinating fabric.

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