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No-Piece Throw

These directions are for a 36" square throw.  They are so fast and easy, you will want to make one for each of your children/grandchildren, friends, aunts, uncles and cousins!

You will need one yard for the back, and two yards each of two contrasting fabricss

 Press the one yard piece of fabric you are using for the back.  Cut selvedge off one end.

Unfold and lay face down on your cutting surface.  Fold bottom left corner up to the top edge.  Cut right side off so that your fabric is 37" square.  Set aside.

Cut 12-6" x WOF strips of the two contrasting fabrics.

Lay a strip face down on ironing board.  Press both long ends towards the middle so that you have a 3" strip. Repeat with all 6" strips.

Lay backing out on a large flat surface.  Arrange all twelve 6"  strips of one color on top so that there are no spaces.  Pin ends.

Take this to your sewing machine and sew both ends 1/2" from edge so all strips are secured to backing.  Lay out on large flat surface again and weave contrasting 6" strips onto sewn-down 6" strips.  Pin heavily so there are no spaces and strips are even.

Take this to your sewing machine and sew other two ends with 1/2" seam.  Now starting in the middle of the quilt, sew a 1/4" seam along edge of one dark strip. Turn quilt 1/4 turn clockwise and sew along a dark strip in the middle of this side.  Continue turning and sewing until all dark strips have 1/4" seam on each side of every square.

Finally, clip all around outside edges of quilt up to, but not through the 1/"2 in seam.  To make the ragged edges look better, run the quilt through the dryer or wash and dry it.

To make a larger throw, just add more strips to a bigger square.

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