Welcome to my blog. Besides my normal everyday life, I quilt, work in a quilt shop,and love to read quilt blogs. I embroider, do counted cross stitching, tat, crochet, knit and want to learn anything that requires the use of needles and thread. Come back often to see what new project I am working on or to read a tip or two.

Friday, August 31, 2012


The winner is Margaret Rosenbrook. How fun. I know Margaret through Doll Quilters Monthly. We have already sent each other little quilts. You should check out this swap by clicking on the button on the right. It is a fun group to belong to and new members are always welcome. One tiny quilt a month is a fun project because it gives me a chance to practice skills or try new things, send and receive gifts in the mail and make a lot of new quilting friends. What more could a quilter want?

Coming soon-- a look at cross stitching projects and a quilt or two in progress.

Thanks to all entrants for visiting mamabill and come back soon.

Keep quilting and stay happy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Give Away

OK. I shopped. I am so excited about this prize. Are you ready? Ta-Da. . .

The book will give you a laugh when you see how your grandma did her sewing. I am sending a kit and pattern so you can make your own Little Wallet and I'm sure you can come up with a fun project for the charm pack.

All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me one fun thing you will remember about this summer. Tell your friends about this give away because "the more, the merrier". I will pick a winner on August 30. Good luck to all my sweet followers. Quilters are the nicest people.

One more fun thing. If you click on the postage stamp quilt button on the right and decide you would like to start one of your own, let me know and I will send you some 2" charms to help you get started.

Stay happy and keep quilting.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let's Celebrate

This is it--my 50th blog post. I feel like celebrating by having a giveaway. I think I know just what I want to send to a lucky winner. Check back tomorrow for the rules and a peek at the prize. I need to go to the store today and get it.

Yesterday I had such a good sewing day. I made a Little Wallet because I have been putting it off for so long. I put velcro on the flap and two of the pockets so my wallet can hold "valuables". Now I want to make many more.

I got my July doll quilt in the mail. Isn't it perfect for July? It is hand quilted and I just love it.

I am getting 2" charms in the mail every day. It makes me want to sew faster.

Be sure and check back tomorrow. Stay happy and keep sewing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Remember Me?

I used to blog here, but I have not been very good at it lately. I promised a friend I would post something today. Here goes. . .

1,250 two-inch charms ready to swap (plus I cut 100 for me). My postage stamp quilt is coming along too. This is about half of what I have done:

I love how the dark squares are showing up.

In July I did a 4-H quilt camp. Only three girls came, but they did such a good job.

I got the pics backwards, but aren't they cute.

Stay tuned for more. I promise to do better. Since I have been blogging for a year, I am trying to think up a way to celebrate. Any ideas? A give-away maybe?

Keep quilting and stay happy.