Welcome to my blog. Besides my normal everyday life, I quilt, work in a quilt shop,and love to read quilt blogs. I embroider, do counted cross stitching, tat, crochet, knit and want to learn anything that requires the use of needles and thread. Come back often to see what new project I am working on or to read a tip or two.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Start

After Friday's class, I was excited to make a sample for another class. Its work to prepare for and teach quilt classes, but so worth it. I decide on another quilt from the same book, so I chose the one on the back cover and I will do it in Christmas colors. Hopefully I can teach it in July and quilters (including me) can have plenty of time to finish one or more by December.

I bought the fabric and got it all cut.

I sewed strip sets and subcut them. Now, have you ever watched Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Cam? She sits and sews on a live video about once a week and you can sit and sew along with her. Find her on quiltville.blogspot.com or subscribe on YouTube. It lasts for about an hour and a half. I was not able to watch it all last night, so I turned it on this morning and look at all I got done on this Verry Merry quilt top.

Piles of four patches! Its sew much fun, like having a friend over for a sewing day, only you don't have to clean house first. HaHa. Anyway, you should try it.

And look at this--the first flower of spring from my yard!

Sunshine and flowers are the best. Now I really do need to go do some housework.

Hope you are making some amazing quilts. Stay happy and keep quilting.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Scrappy Mountain Majesties

Did you see it? Our Scrap along club photos from the 13th were on quiltville.blogspot.com last Friday. I was so excited. Bonnie Hunter is amazing. She is one of the busiest quilt teachers I have ever heard of.

Thanks to the ladies who came to my Piece a Cake class Friday evening. Sorry I didn't get any pictures, but we got a lot done and I know your quilts will be gorgeous.

I'm finishing some binding, then I hope to finish my second Mountain Majesties top today.

Keep quilting and stay happy.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Guild Sewing Night

Last night was Suppose guild sewing night. Its hard to believe we were signing up to bring food to our closing social in a couple of weeks. Oh well, time flies when you're having fun. Anyway, I didn't feel like taking my sewing machine and all the "stuff", so I just took this project bag of English paper piecing.

I'm planning a very traditional star quilt made with 1800's fabrics. If you look at it differently it is a tumbling block.

Danielle, who was sitting by me was interested in what I was doing, so I let her stitch on it and she got very excited. I sent her home with some diamond papers and an internet address where she can print her own. She will probably have a whole quilt finished in a few weeks. Mine might take years. I'm so glad I could show her something new. That's part of the joy of quilting. FYI, the place where I print EPP papers is incompetec.com. I have also bought some at Suppose and at busyfingerspatchwork.com.

Now for a day of binding. You have a great quilty day too.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sew Much Fun

Let's catch up a bit. Saturday I demonstrated Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Mountain Majesties at Scrap Along club at Suppose. See how hard all the ladies are working.

Everyone finished at least one block before they went home. Kathy, who is showing a red and white block, and Jo, who is standing by her four blocks on the design wall, are the mother and daughter who own Suppose. Shelley, who is showing a row of gray and blue blocks, works at Suppose. She started her blocks at home last week. The last photo is of Jennifer, my daughter. What a lot of fun we had learning, sewing and visiting.

Monday morning I taught the Quilters Anonymous guild how to make a Disappearing Nine Patch. It was just like Saturday. Everyone worked hard and took at least one finished block home. Aren't they all great?

Today I haven't had much sewing time. I have been babysitting this darling granddaughter. What a good time we are having. Now if only the snow would stop, and spring would return.

Keep quilting and stay happy.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Triangle Tip

I was sewing half square triangles this morning and I noticed something.

Can you see how at the end, my sewing line went toward the left? I resewed the line and sure enough, it was off. I will have to be more careful to slow down at the end or use a stylus or both.

This is the scrappy triangles top. I got it done yesterday. I wasn't sure if I liked the background fabric after I started cutting, but I think it looks good. This quilt makes me feel like spring.

Here is my pile of 1 1/2" strips.

I was making 3 1/2" nine patches with them.

What to do with all those nine patches? I don't know yet. But they will be ready when I find a use for them. This was my play time.

Tonight is Sit and Stitch. Its always fun.

Stay happy and keep quilting.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Finish and WIPs

I did it.

This is my finished WIP for last week. It is only a small one, but I pat myself on the back anyway. Now on to other things this week.

I want to get the scrap along triangle top done because scrap club is Saturday and I don't want to get behind on these projects. Scrap quilting is so fun. Oh, wait, did I say that before? Well, it is double fun. This is the sample of the one I am teaching Saturday.

I can't wait.

What are you working on? Something beautiful, I just know.

Stay happy and keep quilting.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Friday

I am almost there. The table runner is ready to bind, then I will have my finish for this week. Wednesday Sit and Stitch night was just what I needed after a day at work. Thats because of the sit part. I started a new small counted cross stitch project from an antique pattern I found online.

Thursday night's Suppose guild meeting was amazing. We had a trunk show by Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies. Her quilts were gorgeous and she was lots of fun. I am always blown away by how much women like her accomplish. It gives us all enthusiasm for the quilting we love.

Today I am off to get my taxes done and do other errands, so I will only have a little sewing time, but I will love every minute of it.

My friend, Deonn has a new website at Quiltscapes.com. Congratulations. You are one of those amazing quilting ladies.

Stay happy and keep quilting.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tuesday Progress

Alright! It felt good to get a lot done toward my goal. After a good breakfast, of course. Look what Jennifer made.

I worked on the triangles I showed yesterday and I have 8 rows of 25 sewn together. I hope that is about half. I also got rows of the Scrappy Mountain Majesties sewn together, but I think I underestimated how many I will need. I only want this to be throw size. I've started a Twister quilt for Quilters Anonymous guild. It is HUGE. I'm just kind of making up my own pattern. Here is one block of twenty. I am using an "Origins" layer cake I have had for a couple of years. The yellow is what I plan to use for sashing.

This is a small table runner I made last week at Suppose guild sewing, because I left my project at home and had to buy something to work on there. I have it ready to quilt. I want this to be my finish for this week. The binding is ready too.

Here is a book I am loving. I took time to play a little last evening. On the left of the book, you can see my made fabric. And below are some 3 1/2" nine patches I made from my 1 1/2" strips. You know the saying about all work and no play.

I really would like to dig in and get a lot more done today, but I have to work at Suppose at eleven and after I get off at 5, I will be heading to Logan for stitch night at Embroidery Central. It always is relaxing and fun to stitch with friends.

Keep quilting and stay happy.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm back!

I have made a goal. I will finish one WIP this week and share it with you and I am going to blog again. Here is a scrappy WIP. I am loving scrap quilting right now. We have a new Scrap-Along Club at Suppose Quilt Boutique and it is my turn to demo a project April 13. Stand by for pics. Meantime check out Bonnie Hunter's blog at Quiltville.com. Its so fun. Here is a peek at last month's scrap project. I will get it done!

Happy quilting! I would love to hear what you are working on.