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Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Monday Again

The last week was a guild week.  Monday was Quilters Anonymous, where I am working on a block of the month.  This quilt will be a long time in the making.  Pix will come later when there is more to see.  Ditto for the medallion quilt at Suppose Creative Guild.  Its just fun to get together with friends and sew. 

I have been to events with daughter, Jennifer.  We wore witch hats last Friday evening to get a bigger discount at Ghouls Night Out.  Food, make 'n take, halloween  ideas and lots of friends were what made it a fun evening. 

Today Jennifer and I went to a Nancy Halversen trunk show.  She is a delightful lady.  When I asked how she accomplishes so much in the same 24 hours that I have, she replied, "I don't sleep much."  Is that a tip for success in any endeavor?  I think I will stay up late.

This is a nine patch quilt I finished piecing this week.  I pieced a back from scraps, so I won't even need to buy extra fabric.  I will quilt it when its my turn on the midarm machine.  I call it Grandmother's Nine Patch.  It is done in 1930's fabric.  My grandmother would have been in her thirties in 1930.  I see a mistake in this photo, but it was just on the design wall.  I actually pieced it correctly. 

I got out a project a couple of weeks ago that I may be working on for the rest of my life.  Every now and then it gets put away for a while.  This is just a small section of some finished blocks.

These are blocks I have been working on recently and one of my boxes of crazy quilt doo dads.

 This is my alltime favorite block because of the beaded vine on the pink fabric.

This crazy quilt contains everything imaginable--buttons, charms, ribbon embroidery, tatting, crocheting, fabric labels, fabric from ties, beads, ric rac, lace.  Here is where my imaginataion can run free. 

Thats probably enough for now.  I hope you are loving all the projects you do and plan to do.  Have a wonderful quilting week.

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